Our Process, System and Product
DCP(Dynamic Crystallization Process )
DCP(Dynamic Crystallization Process ):
  • eJoule’s innovative integrated DCP Dynamic Crystallization Process and System enable high production rate and produces uniform high-end high-capacity battery cathode active materials and solid state electrolytes o meet customer’s requirements for LIB and Solid-State Battery. 

Doped Oxide Cathode Active Material

Precision Control of Product Properties
Precision Control of Product Properties:
  • eJoule’s patented DCP technology enables tailored-made maximum control of composition, dopant, crystallinity, pH, particle size, particle morphology, and press density.
Controlled and Customizable Materials
Controlled and Customizable Materials:
  • eJoule’s materials are manufactured from our proprietary modular and scalable DCP equipment technology and controlled by mixing solutions with precise ratio of composition elements across chemistries. 

Doped Garnet Solid State Electrolyte
Best-in-Class Battery Performance

 Best-in-Class Battery Performance:
  •  eJoule produces high-energy LIB cathode materials and various solid-state battery materials with greatly reduced defects and impurities, achieving best-in-class battery performance.
Our Services
Addressing the Needs of our Customers

Addressing the Needs of our Customers:     Please contact us for a consultation, call or email us to learn more about our tailored DCP Dynamic Crystallization Process services.  Our products and services will meet your cathode materials and battery cell requirements

R&D Services

R&D Services:       eJoule’s unique and flexible digital DCP production tool and highly-tunable process chemistries provide unprecedented means of tailoring cathode material and battery performance, and incorporating various elements to meet each customer’s requirements. 

DCP Dynamic Crystallization Process Services

DCP Dynamic Crystallization Process Services:    eJoule’s revolutionary integrated DCP Dynamic Crystallization Process technology enables high production rate. Our produces and services result in uniform high-end high-capacity battery cathode materials.