A New Generation

Lithium-ion Battery
eJoule Lithium-Ion Battery Materials
eJoule fundamentally transforms the process of manufacturing materials for high-nickel, high-capacity Lithium-Ion batteries.

The eJoule innovative platform synthesizes particles without precursor-CAM and is environmentally friendly. eJoule materials provide homogenous dopant distribution with atomic level uniform element composition and precise control of compositions and dopants to achieve stable crystal structures. The resulting is higher performance CAM and higher ionic conductivity SSE.

DCP Technology

eJoule’s revolutionary Dynamic Crystallization Process (DCP) is digitally and dynamically controlled, precisely synthesizing every particle in a continuous process that eliminates impurities and imperfections, and optimizes uniformity and consistency of the chemistry, morphology and dopant level of every single particle.


eJoule Inc has developed new synthesis technology for producing Lithium-ion cathode active material (CAM) and solid electrolyte (SSE) based on a proprietary equipment set with a process flow that goes directly from solution to material powder. eJoule process flow begins with mixing of calibrated solution of the chemical composition of the product and dopants.

Research and Development

eJoule’s unique and flexible digital DCP production tool and highly-tunable process chemistries provide unprecedented means of tailoring cathode material and battery performance, and incorporating various elements to meet each customer’s requirements.

Dynamic Crystallization Process (DCP)

  • Highly-scalable, flexible & fast
  • Low Lithium residue, safer batteries
  • Best product performance in the market
  • Continuous process; Simultaneous multiple material chemistries
  • Simultaneous multiple material chemistries per plant
Proprietary Chemistry
  • No p-CAM precursors
  • No solid calcination
  • No pulverizations

eJoule Dynamic Crystallization Process (DCP)

Proprietary Chemistry

  • Lithium and composition chemical mixture
    • No precursor p-CAM
    • No solid calcination
    • No pulverizations

eJoule DCP

  • Digital, dynamic and direct
  • Synthesize one particle at a time
  • Uniform
  • Precise control of:
    • Crystallinity
    • Doping
    • Morphology and size
    • Lithium content and residues

Superior Cathode Material

  • Highest capacity
  • Great cycling life, stability
  • Uniform product distribution

It’s All About the Particle

eJoule simplifies and optimizes the manufacturing process.
eJoule’s Unique Achievement –
Eliminating p-CAM Precursors

Typical Method

Metal Sulfate Production
Inefficient and Overly Complex Batch Process
with p-CAM intermediate
Large Amounts of Solid Waste and Wastewater

eJoule Approach

eJoule’s Optimized Process Flow:
Dynamic Crystallization Platform (DCP)
Efficient and Elegant Continuous Process Environmentally Friendly
ZERO Solid Waste, ZERO Wastewater

Traditional Cathode Particles


Raw Materials Input

Cathode Production

Final Product

eJoule Cathode Particles
EV Transportation
Consumer Electronics
Energy Storage

Most sectors of the transportation market are developing or exploring application of Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Light Vehicles are the biggest GWh sector. Trucks of all classes (1-8) are being developed. Electric Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Skate Boards, Unicycles, Segways are available.

The rapid penetration of Li-Ion into “new” markets with High Product Density & High Rate of Adoption enables technology for a wide variety of consumer devices.

  • Notebooks, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Drones: Photography Quadcopters
  • Internet of Things (IOT) Devices

Environmental regimes are increasingly stringent globally

To meet these twin challenges, Li-Ion must drive improved performance AND lower impact

eJoule uses its own IP and R&D, an innovative & refined manufacturing process, and proprietary chemistry, to produce environmentally-friendly high-performance Cathode and Solid-state Electrolyte


Distributed Energy Storage now finds wide application and is the second largest market segment in terms of GWH of batteries.